In real estate development projects where significant financial investments are at stake, construction professionals and condominium associations require sophisticated, yet cost-effective, legal representation for contract negotiations and processes.

As an attorney with comprehensive knowledge of laws pertaining to real estate and regulations governing HOA and condo associations, I can represent either side of highly complex issues.

Representing The Business Interests Of Real Estate Professionals

High-level professionals in Seattle and throughout Washington retain John Evans Law PLLC because of my reputation as a tireless advocate not quick to settle or walk away. Many of the cases I have handled were once in the hands of other attorneys. Where my peers overlook certain information or commit several procedural errors, I focus on identifying specific issues and tailoring strategies.

Combining experience in and knowledge of construction and condominium law allows me to provide a higher level of dispute resolution.

In all communications with my clients, I avoid the use of "legal-ese." I am a skilled and accomplished attorney who can communicate with my clients in a "non-lawyer way" while talking to my peers and clients in languages that all parties understand.

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