Construction Law

Clients come to my law firm, John Evans Law PLLC, with serious, seemingly unresolvable disputes over construction projects — issues that interrupt business operations and put the future of a company at risk. Problems can take various forms and include suitability for construction, design errors or delayed construction projects.

Candid. Dedicated. Results-Driven.

I combine my candid approach with unwavering dedication to my clients throughout Washington. I understand the high stakes nature of construction disputes and present various options to achieve the best possible resolution that is also cost-effective.

From the moment I take your case, I review the contract both parties signed. My goal is to gain a full understanding of your legal matters. From there, I bring in experts as necessary. I am a lawyer who tailors sophisticated strategies based on the unique issues surrounding each case.

Negotiation is preferred in finding resolution to a legal matter. Getting both sides to cooperate helps to save time and money. Disagreements are not so heated, leaving the door open for future business relationships. However, I am a skilled and experienced trial attorney who does not shy away from a courtroom.

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